The full well developed skull looks rectangular from above and almost flattish. Stop is mild. The muzzle is straight or poorly arched, looking in front of it the width of its first part covering the side of the head.

The first line of the jaw lightly falling back, upper lip is well developed, gently coming down but not hanging at all, covering the lower lip in front, settle down just a bit under it from side view. In front side looks reverse „V” shaped, slightly rounding on its down and back edges in peaked corner under the rhinoscope.

The nook of the mouth is expressed, but not floppy.
Inside mucosa of the mouth are pink coloured. Outside mucosa matching to the coat color, but never black and black spotty. The teeth squaring in the jaw, closed as scissor-bite. The muzzle is placed more forward than lip and angular with it. Spreads of nose are big ones and opened. The septum speculum is dark brown. Eyes reflecting kindness, not deep-set and goggle-eye, almond shaped. Inner eyelid is pink colored, the under eyelid is slightly floppy cause of more skin on the head. Iris colour is in preference hazel, but matching with the coat color by all odds. The expression is extremely intelligent, maybe appearing dumpish. The ears are large and hanging. Ear ends in lightly rounded point on its bottom finish, turning them catch the end of the nose, slightly setting below the line of eyes.
The color of ear harmonizes with the coat spot’s color. The neck is decided, pronounced jowl can be found on the throat. The males are 62-67cm high, bitches height is 59-64 cm. Weight is between 30-45 kg.

The coat is shiny, flossy feel. Smoother and shorter on the head, on ears and shoulders, on the fore edge of the legs as well as on the paws. Coat colour: basic colours are white, liver brown. These colours mixing erratically and usually a white, irregural spot might be found on the top of the head, but not bounden.
Withers is easy raised. The chest is wide , its depth getting to the line of the elbow. Chest circuit is equal: the height added to one fourth. The chest according to the body is wide. Two stripe frames the topline of the body. Either descending as good as downright from the withers to eleventh vertabra, other curved ramping with ease from the croup to the same vertabra and these two lines connecting here in the line of the loin. The under line is parallel with the topline.
The croup is well muscled, short, the hip bone is wide. The shoulder is big, chunky. Hindquarters are rather long without leaning, well muscled and its back ledge is almost straight. Shank is short and dry. The legs are powerful, hock is wide but never overangulated.

The paw is forceful, thick and rounded, fingers are closed to each other and covering with soft coat. The claws are heavy, its colour preferably brown suitably to the coat appearance. Feet is stretchy and dry. The tail is robust, thick and cropped 15-25 cm. As it’s obligatory to crop the tail in the origin country, the selection takes no notice of the tail’s probable length and set-up. Since the interdictions of tail cropping came up the breeding should attend to the concrete regulation of the tail.


• Nasal bridge slightly convex (Roman nose) without exaggeration.
• Absence of some premolar.
• Pincer bite.
• Conjunctiva (haw) very slightly visible.
• Lips and dewlap, without being excessive, very pronounced.
• Upper line not very solid.
• Front and rear pasterns and feet weak without exaggeration.


Light general appearance, frail or excessively heavy, and lethargic.

• Cranio-facial axes parallel.
• Head small, not in balance with the body.
• Narrow skull.
• Pointed muzzle.
• Absence of various premolars or canines, not due to traumatism.
• Very pronounced entropion or ectropion; light eyes.
• Ears too long and too low set.
• Flews or dewlap exaggerated.
• Height at the croup noticeably superior to the height at withers.
• Incorrect limbs, weak, not vertical.
• Loose elbows.
• Cow hocks.
• Coat wavy or too long.
• Unbalanced temperament.

Any dog clearly showing physical or behavioural abnormalities shall be disqualified.

N.B.: Male animals should have two apparently normal testicles fully descended into the scrotum.